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Hello and welcome ! 

Available 24/7, all group sizes. Most of things are possible to do.


I want to show you around in the second northernmost capitol on earth, 60° northern latitude.  

I am Johan, born in 1951, Bachelor of Natural Sciences. Nature, environment, history and our society are some of my interests. It is a great pleasure to serve my guests by telling about Finland and the surrounding.

See my CV.


Guiding and being a leader on tours started as a freelance job > 10 years ago, nowadays somewhat of a main job, a nice occupation for a fresh pensioner.

We go around by walking, by tram, by boat, in a van or a minibus, according to the amount of guests. We can do tours as you wish, a few hours – weeks. 


Language problems are not an issue, personally I speak fluent (advanced) English and German/Deutsch and of course my both mother tongues Swedish and Finnish. Other languages are OK, with colleagues we co-operate and together we manage many other languages. 



I look forward beeing able to have you as guests, welcome.


Regards   Johan.

I am also available as guide and tourleader all over the country with Lappland, 

North Cape at the Arctic Ocean, Scandinavia etc.


Ich bin auch behilflich als Fuhrer und Reiseleiter uberall im Land mit Lappland, Nordkap am arktischen Meer, Skandinavien etc.

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Tour 1

Helsinki sightseeing by car or bus, shore excursion, walking, tram, boat.

According to your timetable or

 4-6 h.

Tour 2

Helsinki sightseeing by car or bus, shore excursion, walking, tram, boat.


Metropolitan Helsinki and Porvoo, medieval town since 1346.

According to your timetable or

 6-8 h.

Tour 3

Nuuksio/Noux national Park, nature very close to a bigger city


Art & Culture of Finland. ”Sibelius, a complete symphony”.



According to your timetable or

 6-8 h.

Johan Bäckström


Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a modern city with over half a million residents and is situated on the Baltic Sea.

In 2012 Helsinki was the World Design Capital and celebrated its 200th anniversary as the capital of Finland. In 2014 Helsinki was awarded City of Design status as part of the Creative Cities Network established by UNESCO.

Helsinki alongside its neighbouring municipalities of Espoo, Vantaa and  Kauniainen form a metropolitan area of more than a million inhabitants.

Helsinki in figures

  • Helsinki founded in 1550

  • Capital of Finland since 1812

  • Population over 600 000, approx 1.3 million in Greater Helsinki

  • Finnish-speakers 90.4%

  • Swedish-speakers 5.4%

  • Other language groups 4.2%

  • Foreign nationals 3.1%

  • Evangelical Lutherans 72%

  • Orthodox 2%

  • Total area 716 km2

  • Coastline 123 km

  • Islands 315

  • Mobile phones per 100 inhabitants 96

  • Average temperature yearly +5.0°C

  • Warmest month, June +21.7°C

  • Coldest month, January -10.4°C

Finland in figures

  • Independent since 1917

  • Total area 338,000 km2

  • Population: 5.4 million

  • EU member since 1995

  • Introduced euro in 2002 

Paavo Nurmi

New experiences in Helsinki


Enjoy new experiences beside the sea in a cool urban milieu this summer. The new public design sauna Löyly will open in spring 2016 just a short distance from the city centre. The modern complex will also house a restaurant and a large terrace that stretches out over the sea. The new kind of spa complex Helsinki Pool that will open in the beginning of the summer next to the Market Square combines year-round swimming and sauna experiences with culture and entertainment. The island of Vallisaari between Santahamina and Suomenlinna opens up to the public in May. Formerly used by the Finnish Defence Forces, the island offers visitors the chance to enjoy its diverse flora and spectacular views, as well as its well preserved historic fortifications.

At Your Service

Tel: + 358 500 210 390 |  Email:


I want to be well prepared for your visit. Can you possibly tell me your interests, wishes, handicaps which can have an effect on a tour, nationality etc.


Ich möchte gut vorbereitet sein fur Ihren Besuch. Können Sie vielleicht mir Ihre Interessen, Wunsche, mögliche Handicaps die auf Ihre Visite einwirken können, Nationalitet etc. mitteilen.