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Metropolitan HELSINKI , 60 °  latitude, second northernmost capitol on earth.

Daughter of the Baltics, a pocket-sized metropolis with influences from both east and west.

World Design Capitol of  2000.



If you have special interests, it is normally possible to fulfil such wishes. 

Much is possible, wheelchair too, your own or arranged by me. Family and kid friendly. We meet you and bring you back as you want - hotel, airport, harbour, railway station, at your friend's, somewhere in town.

In my car, I have umbrellas for 7 pers.


The tour type suits most and is easy, you do not need to walk if  you don't want to. BUT you must be able to get in and out of car. If needed, I can take care of your children for a moment - I have two sons myself.


We drive and walk around and see the main highlights of the city and the surroundings. Let us also have a culinary test of Finnish food and drinks.


As a native person, I can show you ”specialities” outside the normal sightseeing tours.


Money you need = some. No entrance fees etc. Just as much as you would spend on food & beverages and your personal shopping, souvenirs etc. 



Helsinki, established in 1550, inhabitants 0,7 million, metropolitan Helsinki about 1,4 million.

In year 2000 the European City of Culture.

Helsinki has, outside Russia, one of Europe´s biggest old towns built in the Russian empire style. Finland´s ”Russian era” was between 1809-1917, before that this country was > 600 years a part of the Swedish realm.


The city is divided into 59 different parts or districts. We often begin with the old town and Senate Square at the cathedral. Close by are many old buildings with the university, library, Senate House, House of the Estates, the first, small orthodox church, Presidential palace, House of the Nobility etc. Side by side are situated old architecture from both Swedish and Russian eras to modern.

We continue to the close by Market Place and Market Hall. From here we are able to have a glimpse to the sea fortress Suomenlinna, build mid 1700 by the Swedes. This is situated 1 km outside of the city at five islands. This fortress is worth a visit outside the normal tours!

We turn off to the ice breaker ships and close by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, build mid 1800-century as a base for the Russian officers.

Next sites would be the Esplanade park and down town. From the railway station, building began in 1900, the express trains to St. Petersburg, Russia, run every day . We pass the museum of Modern Art, Music Centre, Parliament House, National Museum, Finlandia Hall, Opera House, Olympic stadium, and drive up to the bedrock blasted, famous Rock Church.

Nearby we drive through the hospital areas to the Sibelius monument, in honor of Jean Sibelius, the composer of seven symphonies with the Finlandia-hymn.

A tour out in the nature, - you are all the time in the boreal climatic and vegetational zone - to the island Seurasaari with its open-air museum. There you can have food and beverages, swim, - also naked , or just rest and have a nap at the lawn, together with an

x-amount of squirrels and birds.

We drive back to city along the coastline. We drive through the Polytechnic of Helsinki, a small town by itself, in the neighbouring town of Espoo.  We pass ship yards and many embassies. Just 80 km across the Gulf of Finland in the south is Estonia with its > 800 years old capitol Tallinn. There is an easy access to there by the fast ferries, < 2 h.


SEA FORTRESS SUOMENLINNA, the unconquerable, a UNESCO-world heritage site.

The Gibraltar of the north.  




See metropolitan Helsinki.

Family and kid friendly. Wheel chair possible but will be a somewhat bumpy road.

Meeting at the quay OR pick up / bring back as you wish.

Costs: ferry 5€ + possible food & beverage.



No cars on the ” fortress of Finland”.

One of Helsinki´s 59 different districts.

Finland was the eastern part of the Swedish realm > 600 years. We walk around on the total of 85 hectares of islands in the military spirit of the 1700-century. Was built beginning of 1748, in those days the biggest construction site in Sweden. The construction went on for > 40 years.

You see, touch, experience a lot of old military constructions, hugh stone walls including the tunnels in them. In the dark tunnels we can do a guided walk with torches, maybe we see some of the many baths there. We can start with an 25 mins long info-film from these times, out of which you also get a good view to north European history.

On site is a toy museum, cafeterias and restaurants, beach. And a lot of people,

> 700 000/year !

During a ”normal” winter you can walk on the ice over to the fortress, only one km from the

city and Market place.


HELSINKI and PORVOO, medieval cities.




Pick up / bring back as you wish. Family and kid friendly. No wheel chairs, too bumpy on old cobble stones.







Drive 45 mins from Helsinki.

Old town from the Middle Ages, founded 1346. In old town > 300 wooden buildings, beginning from mid 1700. Inhabitants a bit less than 50 000. PORVOO is a diocesan city.

We walk around in the old town including a visit to the old cathedral. Car driving possible almost all over.


Money you need: no entrance fees. Coffee & beverages.


NUUKSIO / NOUX NATIONAL PARK, nature close to a bigger city.



You must be able to walk min. 2,5km.

No wheel chairs but family and kid friendly.

Pick up / bring back as you want.

Money needed: none. But 10€ / person if you want to visit the new HALTIA – Nature Info Center with exhibition, film and possibility to food and beverage.

In car, light rain clothes for 7 pers.



Drive 30 mins from Helsinki.

Walking tour in a big loop, we come back to the same starting place. Narrow, sandy paths up and down in the forest.

Start at a lake with a small kiosk with possibility to information, coffee, maps and outdoor toilet.

Somewhere we stop at a lake bank, grilling sausages and having some beverages at an open fire under a sheltering roof. Possibility to swim, also naked, or maybe taking a nap.

Free to have a complete relaxed moment.

You can choose between many different lengths of routes. From a couple km - many / a few hours – around the clock.  

Back to car and city.


Winter: December – March. From short days, about 6h light, to sunlight in snow. Bare trees.


Spring: April – May. Sun and longer days. Birds arriving and singing and nature preparing for family. The first buds and flowers.


Summer: June – August. Longest days, about 18-20 h., and shortest nights, twilight only a few hours. Everything flourishing and tree canopies dense, nature taking care of its offspring. Bird song getting less loud.

Free to pick berries, mushrooms of the forest garden.


Autumn: September – November. Days getting shorter with less light. No bird song, birds migrating south. Hunting season (not here in the park).

Free to pick from the forest garden.


ART and CULTURE of FINLAND. Sibelius, a complete symphony.




Pick up / bring back harbour, airport, hotel, city etc. As you wish.

Money you need: 20-30€/pers. + food & beverages.



Car drive 30 mins from Helsinki, airport 20 mins.

Many artists, writers and poets/Aho, Kivi, Leino, composers/Sibelius and Kokkonen,

painters/Halonen, Järnefelt, Soldan-Brofeldt, collected close together around the lake Tuusulanjärvi, lake of Tuusula municipality. We see their ateliers and homes, possibility to guided tours by specialists. Nearby a military museum and old wooden church with its graveyard. We drive around the whole lake in beautiful countryside with farm houses and other Finnish housings.


Not Mondays, mostly everything closed.

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